Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday's Menu


To tell you the truth, our eating habits haven't improved this last week, we've been snacking and not bothering with proper meals really. When I went back over my photos from the last week there was a lot of cake, an egg and bacon pie, sausages and mash, and a single salad!
Not exactly the healthy week of vegetables I was hoping for.
I'm afraid, unlike Rob, I can't get away with what we've been eating over our holiday, particularly combined with the lack of gym classes. My jeans are feeling a little tighter than I'd like. Whilst in my head I'd love to go back to the weight I was 10 years ago, realistically I'm not too upset by my body and know that I'll never be a size 10 (well I never was), but every so often when I put on a little extra weight, I get a little paranoid, and it makes me unhappy. I admit there have been times in the past (in changing rooms mostly) when it's brought me to tears. Rob is lovely, and I know he finds me attractive regardless, but I can't help it, I'm a girl and want to feel good about what I look like!
We normally head to the gym at our workplace (uni) and really enjoy the formal classes rather than using the treadmills. But with our holiday predominantly at home, it seemed a bit silly to drive into Hobart just for a gym class every day! Maybe not so silly now. I always feel my best when we're in the Pump class (weights) and don't even mind seeing myself in the mirror. So as inspiration I've just bought some new gym clothes and sneakers.
I really hate dieting, and to be honest am not very good at it, as I love food too much. I didn't eat well as a child, skipped breakfast, often threw away my lunch. Not because I wanted to be skinny, just because I wasn't very keen on what was being served up! Of course when I moved out of home and could prepare my own food I became much more interested in eating. But I was younger and my metabolism was able to cope with it.
But just to get back to normal I think I'll try to be good for a little while, otherwise I'll start to avoid mirrors.
Sorry about all that, hardly an issue compared to what some people have to cope with in terms of health, financial or family problems, but something that's on my mind none the less.


Sarah B said...

I don't blame you not going to the gym, you can't go near work on your holidays! I love food too, I am constantly thinking about food and what my next meal will be. Lyn teases me about it all the time. I guarantee no one would look at you and think you need to lose weight - you look so fit and healthy!

Catherine said...

I have the same thoughts, I love food far too much to diet so try the in moderation trick, sometimes like this time of year it can be so hard. But I think it all comes back around. I have been gyming quite a bit recently but am not a class person so I can happily run on the treadmill. I guess when you go back to work everything will work itself out again. By the way I love the look of your lattice work pie!

Coal Valley View said...

Ageing is so overrated, isn't it? You look great by the way but i know what you mean as I too used to be able to eat whatever I wanted and never put on weight and now I just have to look at a cream puff and it appears in unwanted places :-) Very frustrating! Hope the new clothes and sneakers work :-)

Katrina said...

You are certainly not alone in your thoughts! I'm by no means giving up my favourite foods but I am trying to add to my repertoire some light, easy and (most importantly) YUMMY meals. I don't suppose you happen to have any favourite ideas? Today I'm doing eggs florentine without the bread for lunch, and I've been enjoying some nice salads but I feel a bit stuck in a rut ...

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