Saturday, January 28, 2012

Friday Flowers, a little late

Sorry last night I meant to post a photo of my Christmas lilies. But on the way to the garden I got distracted by our new hammock. Well it's not really new, a friend gave it to us a year ago, but Rob put the hooks up last night. So I jumped in and promptly fell asleep!
I have to say I think the Christmas lilies are my favourites. I must have 100, and I'm not exaggerating. Their creamy trumpets are a little more elegant than the garish colours of the asiatic and oriental lilies. Lightly fragranced, they are a delight.
We've decided to stay at the hut as much as we can this weekend, we didn't even head to the gym this morning. I did pop down the road quickly for some bread from Red Velvet Lounge and some vegetables. But I'm back in the hammock, and don't plan on moving very far! Hope you enjoy the last weekend of January.


Rowantree Design said...

I have just purchased a hammock for the beach house that's almost mine. The hammock purchase came before any other essential furnishings. I can't waitvto start blogging about my project ' beach shack makeover' I've always enjoyed your hut chronicles. X

ally said...

Enjoy your weekend - it sounds fabulous
I must plant some more of these lillies this year - I love them so!

My Secret Rooms said...

Sounds amazing, lying in a hammock and sleeping there! How envyous I get.
It also sounds like a perfect lazy weekend for you, good to hear.
Here it's freezing cold and icy so I plan to stay inside ALL Sunday .. :-D

Have a grand week!

Hazel said...

I can't wait to see your beach shack makeover!

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