Sunday, May 27, 2012

De-beige-ing chairs

The cake worked well, and Maisy's party was lovely. I'll share some photos tomorrow.
We bought a few more Piper Tru-line blackwood chairs a while back. The style matched our two red chairs (the ones I saved from the tip). But they were covered in horrid beige vinyl.
So today was the day, it was grey and cool so we stayed inside and tackled the chairs. The other chairs had come apart easily once you unscrewed the screws. But the cushions on these ones didn't budge. We worked out that the vinyl had adhered to the timber frame, perhaps if they'd been in the sun. So we took to them with a razor blade and a knife. Cutting then free! We recovered them with the same red as the other chairs. We did two, but will need to buy some more fabric to finish off a 3rd chair. We're pretty happy with them!
Hope you had a lovely weekend. I'll be back tomorrow with the Hoot cake.


Edwina said...

They look very smart indeed, well done. :-)

Sarah B said...

They turned out great! They kind of remind me of mum and dad's old dining set. I wish we could have kept them as they'd be in fashion now.
Have a great week.
ps K+D have their bulbs half price at the moment :)

Phoebe said...

Oh so pretty!

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