Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Snap it {black & white}

I have some great night photos of the hut that Rob took during the amazing light of the supermoon that I'm dying to share, but perhaps tomorrow.

I don't take a lot of black and white photos, I rely on the subject and colour to make a photo memorable.
I'm a one trick pony, this is a photo I recently posted on Instagram for Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge.

These are our Neil Poulton designed Surf uplights.
When the lovely sales person suggested them, we were doubtful. Would three of them (with some task orientated lighting in the kitchen and over the window seat) really light up the whole 12 x 4m area in our main room?
The answer is yes. Not only yes, but they light up the whole cathedral ceiling in a way that our proposed down lights would never have done. During the day they disappear as they are white like our walls. Although I baulked at their price, I have not regretted them once.

As an aside, the spiders have been happily making webs up in the peak of our ceiling. Over summer as we left windows and the bifold door open zillions of tiny flies and bugs flew in, and those that didn't roast themselves on the Surf lights ended up in the spider webs. It was starting to look a bit untidy.
Rob let me know he had a genius plan for removing them, he would attached the vacuum cleaner to some 4m lengths of electrical conduit pipe and suck them up! I did express some doubt about this plan. I knew I wouldn't be game to wave a 4m pipe above my head without fear of marking the ceiling.
But on Sunday he proved me wrong, I admit. It seems the pipe was made for it, as the vacuum cleaner brush fitted neatly on one end and the nozzle on the other. Webs and flies all gone, but our friendly spider was determined to stay, so he's up in the corner above the window seat biding his time!


Playing along here.


Sarah B said...

It's a lovely shot and makes your rafters look really graphic. Sounds like your lights were the perfect choice.
I have a "thing" about spiders webs. I feel mean sucking them up the vacuum and totally refuse to suck up a spider!

Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

This new place of ours has super high cathedral ceilings in the lounge room and I am starting to notice the webs & little bugs slowly nesting up there. I've been pondering how the heck we were going to get them :) I think you've answered that for me :)
P.S. Looking fwd to seeing yours {Rob's} photos of the moon. I tried to capture it....but they turned out terrible haaaa.

Posie Patchwork said...

Such cool lights, love them. Love Posie

ally said...

I took a lot of convincing too - but we love ours!

jody said...

Great snap and beautiful lights!! x

Gemma @ Jac Whippet said...

Cathedral ceilings indeed, don't they look fantastic! 3 lights as opposed to how many down lights? Must be the one example of a salesperson recommending something useful!

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

ohh this is great!! love the lines & lighting.

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