Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lemon linguine

I meant to post this recipe (if you can call it that) yesterday, but blogger was having some weird issue with the length of the post. I did ramble on a bit yesterday, sorry about that, but I wanted to capture the feel of our weekend.

This is my favourite pasta meal to make, it's so easy and delicious, and we usually have all the ingredients in our home, so no special shopping required. I found it in my first Nigella cook book, How to Eat, the page has became dog eared and splashed.  I remember when I used to dine alone I would make this for myself, serving a rocket salad on the side and drinking a gin and tonic as I waited for the pasta to cook.
I have left out the cream from Nigella's recipe, that used to make it a bit runny, this sauce is much thicker and voluptuous, clinging to the pasta, rather than pooling in the bottom of my bowl.

Lemon linguine

{based on Nigella's recipe in How to Eat}
To serve 2

300g dried linguine pasta
2 egg yolks
2 eggs
1 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese, plus more to serve on top
Finely grated zest and juice of a lemon
1 tablespoon butter
Italian parsley

While your pasta is cooking in a big pot of very salty water, mix together the egg yolks, whole eggs, the grated Parmesan, the zest and juice of the lemon, salt and pepper and whisk to combine well.

Once your pasta is cooked, drain quickly and then return it to the pot (off the heat), add the butter and stir to coat the pasta well. Tip in your sauce and stir around to coat. Tip into your bowls, top with extra cheese, chopped parsley and some more pepper.

Eat. Rocket salad and gin and tonic optional.


Sarah B said...

Yum, but knowing me I'd add in the cream and twice as much cheese as necessary! It would be a good recipe to add extra bits too as well eg artichoke. Yum :)

Sarah B said...

Whoops, 'to' not 'too' :)

Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Yum...this looks so simple and tasty!

Edwina said...

Might pin this one, I'm always up for a simple pasta. I often make a lemon risotto that ticks the 'ingredients in the pantry' box too, but this looks much easier.

Edwina said...

Just wanted to come back and say I made it for dinner tonight and it.was.awesome!

Thanks! :-)

Hazel said...

Thanks Edwina for the pin, and I'm glad that you enjoyed the pasta dish too!

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