Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Snap it {red}

I saw today's theme and knew this would be a cinch for me.
Inspired by Sarah and Ally. I decided to do a collage of my favourite red photos.
As you can see red features a lot in our hut, I'm trying to find some more red for my wardrobe too (today I'm wearing a new red skirt).
I look forward to checking out some of the other red links later today.


Playing along here.


Anonymous said...

oh i love this. red has always been my colour of choice. i spy those gorgeous dinner plates...we have very similar ones at home. a lovely collage. and isn't that the nicest jam! xo

Sage Says... said...

And I spy 'Bloom' - fabulous isn't it? I've just finished and didn't want it to end!

Anna xxx


Edwina said...

Loads of red! I'm more of a green girl myself but I have red hair, so that must count for something ;-)

Jane @ Shady Baker said...


Little Nan said...

You do have alot of red at your house!! And the girls seem comfy with the color too! Love your little collection of brightness!

Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Oh my, what a gorgeous collection of RED! I see your splashes of red on Instagram sometimes. I love your red tartan/gingham {if thats the correct word lol} bedspread & jam lids :)
And that dress.....divine!

Sarah B said...

Such a gorgeous collection of images you have here Marian. I especially like the shots of the furry girls :)
ps where did you get your jam? I adore those jars.

Vickie said...

gorgeous collection

ally said...

Your life looks so colour co-ordinated!!!
Love the bed and the dress
I collect those jars too (if you're in Hobart Sarah I know that Sandy Bay Coles has the jams!)
Beautiful reds

Sarah B said...

Thanks Ally!

Hazel said...

Sorry Sarah, I meant to come back & comment. Coles in Kingston stock them too. I put a couple in our basket every time we shop! The cherry conserve and raspberry jam are very good!

Little Pudding said...

Great pics. Loving that dress!!

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