Saturday, May 19, 2012


I didn't get around to a post yesterday. I hadn't taken any new photos of our garden, and I felt like I'd been chasing my tail all week so gave myself a break when it came to blogging.

This week was a bit exciting, well at least for my family. On Monday my sister and I headed out to MONA to check out the function rooms for our other sister, who lives in London. It was fun to get a personal tour, especially as I have to admit (albeit shamefully) that it was my first visit to the Museum. We started off in the restaurant, wandered through the wine bar. These spaces were certainly nice but nothing too spectacular. Then we were taken into the museum (through the back security door). Then into a massive elevator to take us down to the Organ Room. This was the one my sister was really keen on. The elevator door opened and we faced a wall covered in plants. It felt like you had walked into a jungle. We turned left and entered the room, a large wooden Organ took up one corner, the room itself was about 30m long, concrete floors and walls. With lattice like concrete windows looking out over the water and towards the mountain. It had a some couches and fluffy rugs, and a very groovy octopus couch. The bar was in the middle with a background of sparkly tiles. It certainly was a spectacular space, like being in a millionaire's lounge room (which I guess you are!)
So we reported back to our sister via emails with photos and movies, the next day she announced her wedding will take place at MONA early next year while they're visiting for Christmas. I'm really looking forward to it already.
But now I'd like to go back and have a look at the museum, we were escorted back out through the museum and up the glass lift, and it did look unlike any other art museum I've seen.
Have you been? What did you think?


Anonymous said...

I went to MONA when I visited Tassie in oktober last year. Loved it! Very unique design, eclectic mix of art. It was a good day spent there.
Marit from Holland (who's been reading your blog since my sister lived in Tassie for a while)

Sarah B said...

I have been a few times and just love it, though I haven't seen the space you show in your pics, so thanks for sharing. I think it's an amazing museum and incredible building. I spent a lot of time out there as a child as my parent were friends of the owners and my pony was kept out there for a while. So many nice memories. It's so different now but I'm sure Alcorso would be impressed :)

Edwina said...

I went for the first time last time I visited my family in Hobart. I had my baby with me and was travelling with a friend who had her baby along too, so we didn't have a luxurious browse by any means. They loved the Madonna room though, so we spent a fair while in there.

Jo said...

i have been there, i love the architecture, some of the exhibits i enjoyed though some of it is not my idea of art. Eash to their own i say!

You should go up on the boat trip, i think it is only about $15 return.

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