Friday, May 11, 2012

Supermoon gardening

The moon was amazing last weekend, wasn't it? So bright. You could see everything. The gardens are even beautiful by moonlight. Rob took these photos on Saturday night and had a bit of a play in Lightroom afterwards. It does look like the hut is on fire though!

Apart from our bulb planting session last weekend (which isn't very interesting photographically until they pop up in a few months time) not much else to report in the garden. I found some cheap red Ranunculus bulbs last night, as unfortunately Tesselaar had run out and they weren't in my order.

What's been happening this week at the hut?
  • We made a curry last three dinners and one lunch. It kept getting better, with added silver beet, pumpkin and potatoes! I made papadams in the microwave (hardly taxing).
  • Probably good we saved money on food, cause we took Nigella to the vet yesterday. Nigella is plagued by a common German Shepherd problem: sensitive skin. She gets these terrible hotspots that she will lick and lick. Yuk. Usually we can just spray them with a topical treatment and they clear up. But I noticed one on her front leg had become a bump. I'm my mother's daughter, which means my first assumption is, oh no she's got cancer! So we visited our local vet yesterday, more for my peace of mind. Verdict was an infected hotspot. Two weeks of antibiotics combined with the drugs should clear it up. Poor Nigella she really hates the vet. But she was quite good (by that I mean she actually walked in the building, she has been known to lie down in the car, passive resistance like and refuse to get out, 40kg dogs are hard to move). She shook while the vet shaved her leg to take a sample. 
  • We have mice in the hut. Eww. Cheeky buggers are getting up under the vertical boards we think. One has made a nice home in our heat pump. Although I haven't heard squeaking the last few days from there. They have moved onto our kitchen cupboards. Rob is a man possessed. Filling up gaps with steel wool. I was in the breezeway the other night and I heard some gnawing noises coming from behind the wardrobe (yes it's still there). We pulled out the robe to find very obvious signs of mice and they have been stealing the dogs biscuits and lining them up along the skirting board. There are a lot of knot holes in the interior cladding and they must be in the wall. Last night one ran the gauntlet along the bifold door and dove into our library basket. They are so damn fast our dogs don't even see them. Rob took the basket outside to release the mouse (and I hate to say it we both thought it was so cute) and the cheeky bugger leapt out and headed straight for the hut (outside the kitchen) so we suspect there is a hole there for them to enter the hut. Rob has some flyscreen wire that the hardware store recommended. I think there will be some mouse proofing this weekend (oh a tube of selleys to plug up knot holes!)
So looking forward to the weekend, we're off to Red Velvet Lounge for dinner tonight.
Tomorrow mouse proofing and some baking, and on Sunday my Mum and Dad are coming down for a Mother's Day lunch of roast chicken.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.


Team Lando said...


Claire579 said...

Love the hut pics!

Little Nan said...

Those photos are eerily gorgeous! Poor, poor Nigella....
And I hope you get those mice! Can not stand little creatures! We have rats living under our shed! Sometimes we think we've got them! Don't see them for ages and Jack finally stops barking...then all of a sudden they are back! The barking and the digging starts again! Have a lovely weekend! x

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh the damn mice, we've had a plague in Canberra, it stops your heart & you question your own pristine living standards!! Ours came up through the dishwasher plumbing.
Love to Nigella, our NewFoundLand got heat spots & anything else impossibly expensive, as a child, my father would see the vet at school functions & say "we're paying his daughter's school fees". Our puppy loves the vet, but only ever vaccinations & one $85 broken toe nail (honestly, he was limping like a leg was broken) so he still loves the vet. Our last German Shepherd, well they'd call & say "Mrs McClelland, the waiting room is empty, you can bring Jakob in now" as on that disinfected slippery floor, there was no way i could hold back at charging 40kg dog, he weighed a little less than me, i would slide behind me as he was so over anxious to get into everything & friendly meet other dogs, it was HARD work. Love to Nigella from our Khan, love Posie

Allana said...

Wow, those photos are amazing, well done Rob!
Gotta love a meal that keeps on getting better without much effort :)
Glad to hear Nigella is ok (mostly) Vets sure are expensive.
Hope your mouse proofing works, cheeky things!
enjoy your weekend, sounds like it started well!

Sarah B said...

Great pics! Poor Nigella, I hope she feels better soon. She weighs more than Molly so I'm picturing her as taller. One day we will find out how they compare in size. Hmm mice, very pesky, but I agree, rather cute. We've heard them gnawing away inside the walls here. I won't set traps - too mean - but do use those "mice device" capture thingamies.
What a crappy weekend! It's nice to have the fire going but I have gardening I need to do. Hope your back feels better soon too x

Tania said...

Really amazing photos - very Grand Designs-ish. I don't cope well with mice and it's amazing how they get through the tiniest spaces. Even in a new house. We had some coming in through the opening for the pipe under the sink which was minute. Hope your dog is feeling better soon.

Phoebe said...

Great photos! That moon was amazing, it was almost like morning light!

We have trouble with rats, mice and bush rats (the native kind apparently) at our place and we recently had a rat bait scare with our dog Ollie so we bought one of the 'electrocution boxes'. Its a quick and painless death that won't harm pets. We use dog biscuits for the incentive and have already had success. And its a bit nicer than plugging up escape routes and finding that it's died in the wall... eww

My Secret Rooms said...

Love the fab photos!
And I'm so relieved it wasn't cancer. Good good thing.

Have a wonderful week, dear friend!

Lexi:: PottyMouthMama said...

Ooooh wow. I showed Matt these photos, in the hope it might influence him to want to move to Tassie too. MAGIC!

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