Friday, May 25, 2012

Growing and planning

A cool wet week at the hut.
The little seedlings are growing well in the vegetable garden, broad beans and peas, the lettuce has slowed down, but we thought we might harvest some mini rocket for a little salad with dinner tonight. I'm not usually into the micro-herbs thing. We bought a Bruny Island cheese yesterday, a 1792, and it is beyond ripe, it was so smelly we put it in two plastic containers, which may now need to be thrown away! But I'm sure it will taste fine. Friday cheese night is back!

I couldn't resist a little more garden retail therapy this week, and justified it by purchasing vegetables and flowers, it's so not frivolous that way.
So I ordered some (ahem 48) Mary Washington asparagus crowns, some red Ad Rem tulips, Golden Parade tulips, red ranunculus, and Gerbera Garvinea plants in red, pink, yellow and white. Apparently they are cold hardy. I haven't seen any leaves pop up yet from the other bulbs we planted, but I guess I'm being impatient.

All images courtesy of Garden Express and Tesselaar.
It's a big weekend coming up, tomorrow is my niece's 1st birthday party! I can't believe it's a year since I went to visit my sister in hospital and got to hold her tiny baby, less than a day old. She and I are making a Giggle and Hoot birthday cake, tonight we're decorating the top of it. I hope it works out ok.
I might drop by here over the weekend, the weather is shaping up for an inside kind of weekend.


Coal Valley View said...

The Vegie garden is looking absolutely sensational!! Do you have a fence around it - I can't see one in the photo but wondering how you keep the animals out? Have a great weekend! Mel x

jodi said...

OH my gosh - goodness in abundance! I met Nick from Bruny Island Cheese when we were in Tassie - loveliest guy who really does make the stinkiest cheese :)

Edwina said...

That's the most impressive veggie garden I've seen in a while. And giggle and hoot... My bub is 11 months and it's the only thing she is interested in on TV. I hope you post a photo, I might be tempted to copy it for her birthday (credited, of course) Have a great weekend.

Sarah B said...

Your veggies look great! My beds are full of weeds :(
Don't worry about your gerberas. I have a couple if less hardy varieties in my garden and they grow surprisingly well. One had almost constant flowers for months and months. Yours will do fine.
That cheese sounds divine! X

Jo said...

oh your veggie garden is fantastic. I am still weeding mine and re arranging it. i wish i had a veggie
garden as well set out and large as yours

Phoebe said...

WOW WOW WOW! Your hut is fabulous and your garden is going to match this spring! Have you got your poppy seeds in yet?

steve said...


Sally @ Us+House=Home said...

Wow, that first photo is what dreams are made of - just lovely. xx

Anonymous said...

your vegetable garden is spectacular to say the least. plenty of homegrown goodness there. beautiful.

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