Saturday, October 11, 2014

Day 11 - On this day last year

Today we have been fairly lazy, a late trip into the city for  Pigeon Whole bread and the best doughnuts, and meat from our favourite butcher. A chicken is roasting in the Weber as I type. So there were limited opportunities for a new photo.

We often play this game just before we go to sleep. Rob and I will sit in bed and scroll back to a year ago on my phone camera roll. We giggle at how small the girls were. How we marvelled over the milestones of rolling over and sitting up. It never gets old does it? Watching your children grow up and change, and yet at the same time you realise they have been the same little characters all along. It is particularly meaningful to us given their rough start to life. I can still go back to those terrible gut-wrenching, heart-aching moments when we had to consider one or both of them dying in the NICU. I hope that we always treat every day with our daughters as a gift, no matter how tired we are, or how trying they are!

So I scrolled back in Lightroom to find these photos of the girls exactly a year ago.

 photo DSC_5781_zps8db259da.jpg
The October #huttwins monthly portrait in black and white. Maggie on the left, Elisabeth on the right.
 photo DSC_5798_zps82d5aa76.jpg
The girls on the play mat, Elisabeth in the foreground, Maggie at the back.
 photo IMG_9886_zpsf8492033.jpg
 photo DSC_5786_zps98b1baaf.jpg

Thanks for indulging me in that trip down memory lane.

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Tara said...

You should install the Timehop app. It pulls in things from your photo stream and IG and other places to show you what you were going a year ago, 2 years ago etc. Quite the trip down memory lane!

The girls have grown so so much. It's amazing to see!

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