Saturday, October 4, 2014

Day 4 - the GSDs

Today was a good day. After a breakfast of pancakes we headed into town to pick up Rob's eldest daughter. We headed to BigW as nappies and wipes were on sale, and after touring around in the trolleys we ended up at the toy section. We were looking at trikes and then let the girls sit on one each. Should have just put them straight into the trolley, they weren't going to leave the shop without them. Elisabeth even clambered onto hers in the trolley!
Home to have bottle Rob's cider together and eat a BBQ lunch. A relaxed afternoon, and it was so good to have help with looking after them.

I managed to take these photos of Nigella and Claudia in the golden hour just before dinner. They haven't forgotten how to pose. Tomorrow we start daylight savings, I love it. 

 photo DSC_1808-4_zps0310ceed.jpg

 photo DSC_1803-3_zps097d6d23.jpg

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Violet said...

They are both such gorgeous girls.

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