Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 15 - Baking up a storm

I'm hosting a fundraising morning tea on Friday at my work for Life's Little Treasures Walk for Prems. So today I baked 36 Chocolate Guinness cupcakes, a big lemon coconut cake and iced a zillion tiny gingerbread feet. The feet are the same size as the girl's feet when they were born. I'll try and take a photo on Friday. I also squeezed in making a batch of Nutella panna cotta for tonight's dessert, and they taste fantastic, but sadly need a bit more gelatine as they came out of the mould looking a little reminiscent of a cow pat.

The girls were so patient with me, and were happy to help juice lemons, or ice a gingerbread foot each (well actually just eat the icing).

So no new photos today, but another from yesterday.

 photo DSC_1986_zpscf2e106c.jpg

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