Friday, October 3, 2014

Day 3 - Flower garden

Thank you for your supportive comments yesterday, I'm glad that I'm not alone in the feelings I expressed. The girls ended up sleeping for 1.5 hours, which was enough of a recharge for all of us to enjoy our afternoon together. I even got to prepare dinner without girls underfoot.

 photo DSC_1683-3_zps78ae56d8.jpg
I took a quick walk around the flower garden this morning. Reliving my past Friday flowers posts. Despite not receiving as much attention as it needs, the garden is rewarding us with spring blooms. The daffodils and snowbells are over, the tulips are at their peak and the ranunculus is just starting to get going. The new flush of growth on the box hedge is ridiculously green.

 photo DSC_1686-4_zps4b221e03.jpg
Queen of the Nights in the garden.
 photo DSC_1693-5_zpsfef6eb2b.jpg
Ad Rem tulips.
 photo DSC_1699-6_zpsd09185fd.jpg
Golden Parade and Golden Apeldorn tulips.

Happy weekend!


Violet said...

Oh my goodness your garden is looking lovely! I admire your ability to grow such gorgeous flowers. (I've always got great intentions, then it doesn't work out properly.) I'm glad your afternoon yesterday was better!

Anne Reardon said...

Fabulous garden! It looks so beautiful - and neat!

Mel @ Coal Valley View said...

I just popped over to add my words of encouragement to your post yesterday (I'll e-mail you instead I think) but good grief your garden is absolutely incredible!!! I remember when you planted it out and I couldn't wait to see it as the seasons rolled on and just look at it now! So stunning Marian, you guys must be thrilled at how all of your hard work has paid

Michelle Walker said...

Beautiful Garden! I love tulip time in Tasmania

Little Nan said...

Oh Marian, your flower garden is just lovely!!! I wish we had the space to have a garden as wonderful and fulfilling as yours! Watching your garden grow over time is a little bit inspiring.....I'm going outside to find some space for my own garden, which I will fill with happy flowers! xox

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