Thursday, October 23, 2014

Day 23 - First golf lesson

Rob has been keen to get the girls into golf. This afternoon was sunny and a perfect time for a first lesson on our lawn.

 photo DSC_2276_zps9b4b5df7.jpg
 photo DSC_2282_zpsce87dc81.jpg
 photo DSC_2285_zps26bf63c0.jpg
 photo DSC_2287_zps67da2b01.jpg
 photo DSC_2297_zps4679c1fe.jpg
 photo DSC_2304_zps1b4cbf45.jpg
 photo DSC_2308_zps9946e4c8.jpg
 photo DSC_2313_zps0c0ac68b.jpg
Claudia is always keen to steal the balls.

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